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Welcome to IntelligentDV

Device technology and market demand are making ASICs larger and more complex.
Device technology is allowing ASIC designers to fit more and more onto a single chip.
Competition and customer demands are reducing the time to market.
System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design methodology is allowing designers to push chips faster.
All said and done, we verification engineers have more to verify and less time to get our job done.

Today's verification engineer is being squeezed!

The ASIC verification engineer is facing:

  • huge designs with massive statespace to be verified
  • less time to do the verification
  • complex HVL languages and methodology libraries that are supposed to make our jobs easier
  • fewer qualified verification engineers on the team
  • that intuitive functional tests can no longer effectively cover the statespace quickly enough to meet tape-out dates
  • that no longer can we have a lead to define a testplan and build a test harness with the expectation that a set of testwriters will build functional tests to closure
  • that the days of being able to hire functional test writers are gone and that the entire verif team needs to know OOP, HVL, and one of the VMs (or RMs)
  • and that expecting the design team to help out seems to also be fading away (why do they all seem to have an unnatural fear of OOP?)

So how do we get our job done?

Let's work together, intelligently!

Here's how I can help you:

  • tools / scripts to make your job easier
  • example code to bring you up to speed on HVLs
  • HVL class libraries -- components to build your environment with
  • Everything posted here is licensed GPL - so you can take it and integrate it into your work without having to pay anyone

Here's how you can help all of us:

  • post bugs on the IDV bug tracking system when you find issues
  • fix bugs - bugs you found or bugs other's have reported - and check the fixes into SVN
  • comment on the blog - agree, disagree, have something to add? say so!
  • release your tools / scripts on this site (SVN repository)
  • release your verification libraries on this site (SVN repository)

I genuinely enjoy this stuff...